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A huge problem in public schools is a pretty consistent failure on the part of most schools to reign in bullies.  And while boys bullying is often physical girls bully on a verbal and emotional level.  

In the most extreme cases we see children who the system has failed striking out by murdering fellow students or committing suicide.  These desperate acts are just as much the fault of our public schools as anyone else.  But the schools always do their best to shift responsibility to others and often are the leaders of the pack calling for drastic retribution against the very children they failed to protect.

For example, the case of Daniel Scruggs was recently reported by the Associated Press in an article written by Helen O'Neill.  It is well documented that this boy was unmercifully bullied.  The AP article says "What drove the boy to take his life?     The school blamed Daniel, saying he was a bright child who brought his trouble on himself." .  

This is an outrage that the school failed this child and then tells us all that it was the child's fault.  In my mind the fault for bullying always lies with the school.  Parents and children alike have a right to expect schools to provide a safe environment for all children.

The AP article says:

A year after Daniel's death, Milstein's office issued a 41-page report that described, in chilling detail, the extent of that failure:
    "The child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, the educational system and his family all failed to see the symptoms of physical and mental illness that Daniel was presenting."


"But it reserves ultimate condemnation for the school staff and for the state social worker who visited Daniel at home on Dec. 4, 2001."

This is just one story of perhaps millions where our public schools are really failing our children and the whole time they are pointing at others and feeding very well at the public trough.

In the end we have a consistent failure on the part of our public schools to ensure a suitable environment for children.  Those same schools are quick to place blame on others, even placing the blame on the children who have been victimized on their watch, rather then address the issues.  As far as I can tell our public schools are just one more bureaucracy which will continue to shirk their duty and responsibility unless the public demands otherwise.

What Bullies Want

Bullies, we face them at all ages. From www.InventorEd.org/k-12/ Kid's Inventor Section.

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