Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Bond
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Bond 2002


I believe all of the bond, with the exception 2.5 million allocated to sports, is reasonable and in the public's interest.  The cost per student served is much more modest than what other school districts have made for additional funding in southern Genesee County..  

Recent bond requests

District Amount in millions Years Enrollment Cost per student per year
Carman-Ainsworth 49.75 25 5272 377.47
Linden 58.7 30 2845 687.76
Lake Fenton 30.325 22 1403  982.47

There are many ways of looking at the cost of giving additional funding to each of these schools.  One issue is that the longer the term, then the more likely the district will have it's hand out again before the debt is fully retired.  

Still, on balance both the amount of money requested, and the use to which the money is being put, seems much more reasonable than similar requests from other districts.

This district supplied very complete financial information in response to our FOIA request, while the other districts played games.  A preliminary review of that information raised no red flags.

Another factor influencing my opinion is that Carman-Ainsworth has a much better reputation than the other districts.

Ronald J. Riley, QSN


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