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Here is my 'experienced...been through the system 360 degrees' response to the "Tim the toolman..grunt..grunt...grunt..Parent (God help us)/Student (obvious example of the brainwashing you spoke of)/Educator (Bravo, an Educator communicating in street slang)/ Activist ( afraid to even ask for what).....

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Lake Fenton
Hall of Shame

I would personally like to nominate Ronald Riley for the Hall of Shame in the idiot advocate category.
(How perfectly fitting and in line with most school administrative attitudes...when presented with any informed opinion or advocacy positions that challenge the 'system'...resort to name calling and immediately take a defensive stance)  

Mr. Riley, you are nothing more than a bully who is trying to use the internet as your device of intimidation. (As District and Educational Administrators consistently intimidate any parent advocating for services or dare to show any amount of knowledge in areas of parental rights regulations?? If Mr. Riley is a 'bully' what does that make school administrators, who use public funds for services, hostage and abuse that responsibility by denying or objecting to services the funds were granted for in the first place IF a parent becomes too vocal or advocates too well for their child.  OH!! Believe it...it can not be denied..ask ANY parent boxing their way through a Special Education I.E.P. meeting or having to fight tooth and nail for the funds granted for those very services only to be deliberately intimidated by a District Special Ed Admin. who is rewarded for the funds they do NOT spend on related services for special needs programs ...and can then be transferred into other non related service budgets as surplus.     

If you truly care about making public schools better than why do you seek to go after individuals. 

( If YOU truly cared about making public schools better, you would be questioning why District Admins, Board Members, and Super's are raking in $300-$400.00 dollars per DAY as salaries yet continue cry broke when legitimate services are not being provided, THAT is truly a disgrace to all tax payers, and Tim..wise up, if you truly are an 'Educator' 'teacher'' you're getting screwed too...the teachers sure aren't seeing any of that money on their paychecks either.)  

How do you presume to rate teachers? 

(By the same standards that 'some' teachers and 'most' Administrators presume to know and rate what is best for OUR children??? As a Parent and an activist etc..etc..are you suggesting that the general population isn't qualified enough to even hold a personal opinion regarding the average performance of usually average Teachers?? Does one now have to be a Rocket Scientist to realize the difference between a dedicated and responsible teacher from an indifferent, burnt out, or just plain lazy teacher?? I think NOT Tim..if you 'truly' believe that..you need to spend some more time being an 'activist' for your own position as a parent and learn about parental empowerment' ) 

Do you really have all the needed knowledge to do such a chore? 

(just exactly how much knowledge is 'needed' to identify a complete lop or a self involved Administrator??..not much Tim, not much.) 

You seem to have some serious unresolved issues to deal with. 

(Are we to presume that you now have included Psychologist to your lengthy list of 'titles' too?? Surely you wouldn't offer a psychological diagnosis, without having the 'needed knowledge' or degree to do so were ya Tim?? That would make you a hypocrite then wouldn't it Tim?? )  

Were you picked on by some jock when you were a student? 

(Here is yet, another amazing assumption from Tim..the Parent/Student/Educator/Activist.)  

Your comments tend to make me laugh more than anything else. 

( If you 'truly' cared about the serious nature of crisis within the Public School Systems, rather then laugh at those who are trying to raise interest or at very least, involvement in the subject, why don't you put those ole' 'activist' skills into use and offer an educated, informed, rebuttal to Ron's opinion with some alternative choices worthy of further discussion?? That is what a  person who 'truly' cares about the issue would do..in MY humble opinion of course .)

 Apparently you weren't one of the people in the 60's who decided to go into education to avoid the draft. 

(Apparently, you probably weren't even living in the 60's, let alone aware of the vast social changes that were transpiring during that era..)  

Were you one of the people who avoided life by going on drugs. 

(attack, accuse, attack, accuse...I'm starting to actually believe the 'Educator' part of your title. Practicing for a District Administrative position are ya Tim?...You're going to fit right into the mold) 

Cause man, you still 'trippin.'

(using street slang in a 'trying to be appear knowledgeable on the topic response letter further invalidates your claims of 'truly caring' and/or having any of your own 'needed knowledge' to participate in this discussion unless, of course, you're just throwing in your OWN personal .02 like the rest of us average Jane & John Doe Americans are also doing...without any special degrees or titles. 
I sincerely hope that you lose this case (Editorial Note: Case Won) and I pray that your children don't feel the brunt of what you are about to receive in the public back lashing that I guarantee you will receive. 

(Isn't this 'special'???  Pssssst...Tim, most 'REAL' activist and/or advocates for specific causes, don't give a damn about public back lashing or retaliatory opinions because usually, by the time someone actually reaches the point in time that they can even responsibly claim to BE an activist/advocate, for a particular cause, They have already encountered great amounts of backlashing (which by the way Tim..if you're taking activist notes...indicates you're ruffling feathers, inciting participation and provoking passionate thought on a topic which is GOOD...for an 'Activist'  

They don't deserve this anymore than any teacher or administrator who you happened to disagree with. 

(Of course, no child could ever deserve any 'backlash' from the actions or levels of participation his/her parents might choose to express but there will always be 'certain' types of people who would even make mention of such hypothetical possibilities because those same 'certain' people think that way....and some of those 'certain' types of people end up administrating or teaching on a public level, and they enmesh themselves right in with other 'certain' types of people who are just like them so they feel empowered and unaccountable to those 'normal/regular' types of people who, after many years of wading through the bull**** of the average school district conduct, they finally become immune to the Tim's and the Joe Educator Blows who become scarier by the year in their  "you must have the unspecified, needed knowledge to question or dare disagree with the way 'WE' Educators take possession of PUBLIC FUNDS and then, (with minimal State or Federal accountability), administer, distribute, or pocket those PUBLIC FUNDS. These would be the same 'types' of people who dare tell us, the average American tax paying parents, what our children 'need' and what is best for 'us'  parents, to think or not think and then progressively become bold enough to suggest that one must hold or possess a particular knowledge base to express an opinion about what you 'Educators & Administrators' are doing with OUR money, OUR children, and OUR schools...That's right Tim...I say OURS because they are OURS and a new day is finally dawning in which the regular Joe & Jane American are going to start demanding accountability, choice, and equal partnership in the education and administration of educational decision, is applied to OUR children. 

I wish YOU all the best in your future public participation's Tim.  You might want to concentrate on your 'student' portion of your titles because your 'activist' career needs a LOT of work and your 'Educator' prospects will probably not pan out under a new system of accountability and equal public administration....however, I bet you're a decent parent (although that job doesn't pay very well). 

To all of the dedicated, professional, and wonderful teachers & educators who ARE out there....and there are still plenty left....a million thank-you's for doing all that you do and to the rest who don't fall into that catagory....ready yourselves for the accounting that is ever more close..your days of being dead weight are limited.

A 'Peachy' Good Day to All ;o)
Brianna - Parent/Average American Tax Payer with an opinion/Student Rights Advocate STILL learning something new everyday!!

(Parent, student, educator, and activist

Brianna, thanks for a thoughtful and well reasoned response. Perhaps our public school system would not be such a mess if we could get the same sort of responses from any level of the administration of public schools.  

It is interesting that that public school administrators and teachers and their unions are at each other's throats except when they are faced by parents who are demanding that they perform.  Then, and only then they can work together .... work together to marginalize, ridicule, discredit, or to try and cower the parent into buying a tube of KY for each hand while expecting the parent or other citizens to accept that they the teachers and administrators are going to rule the roost.

For example, when I finally went public with my complaints John Sharpe, President of Lake Fenton's incompetent school board quickly rattled the saber, suggesting that my exercise of free speech was grounds for a lawsuit.  

Just a month or so later I receive a vague letter demanding that I remove the Lori Hatfield story.  I responded that I was willing to correct error of fact, but that in the absence of such error that I would not remove the story.

Months went by with NO response, and just thirty days before the vote for a whopping $30 MILLION dollar bond, a suit is filed.  The suit took valuable time from my efforts to defeat the bond and it passed.

Now we have a twice divorced mother, Lori Hatfield living on a teacher's salary who just happens to bring a lawsuit with such great timing.  Coincidence?  I think not.

One of this teacher's friends, a speech teacher, also happens to be thick in the teacher's union.  Since this suit cost about $10,000-$15,000 and it seems unlikely that that the teacher could afford such an amount on her salary, it is reasonable to at least suspect that someone else bankrolled the suit.

Now my question is was the suit bankrolled by the teacher's union or by the administration?  Or perhaps both?

After all, both the school's administrators and the union profited from this action.  Both are threatened by the prospect of the public telling all on web sites like QualitySchoolsNow.org.

Ronald J. Riley

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