Citizen #3 Speaks Out About The High Performing Teacher 
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I have been reading in the Flint Forum the controversy you have been having. At first I thought you were really petty but after reading your site I am all for you, keep up the good work, it is about time someone got involved. I do believe that most teachers believe they are untouchable and many think that a major complaint of one person is just a minor affair so they do not pay attention. You have taken the action necessary to wake them up, maybe they will be more observing of complaints they judge as to be 'minor." I am still reading your website so my opinion may change but so far I think you are right on and if something bad has happened to the involved teachers in this matter it is all of their own making. Keep up the good work, it makes for good reading.

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Thanks for the support.  The conduct of numerous teachers both within the schools and on the mlive forum is telling.  They seem to be desperate to change the discussion from issues of import about schools to petty personal attacks.

Also, as far as I can tell nothing bad has happened to any of the teachers involved.  Most had tenure, and they are still employed and getting raises along with all the other teachers.  

Many people start out thinking the issue is petty.  Make no mistake the issue was never $5.  The issue was that a group of adults apparently schemed and conspired to pick on kids.  I find it amazing that any adult would do this, much less teachers.

And if this happened once, how many other times have the people parents entrusted to care for our children pulled similar stunts?


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