Clio Community Schools - Genesee County, Michigan 
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Clio, Michigan Superintendent Fay Latture


Ron Maygar files a lawsuit against Clio Area Schools.  Clio schools have had more then their share of lawsuits.  See Maygar Lawsuit

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12-2003 Clio schools Superintendent Fay Latture said she plans to file a slander lawsuit against a local woman.   Fay Latture alleges Julie C. Keyes circulated false information about her salary.  

Also, in response to a post on www.mlive.com regards this issue someone defending Latture's position  threatened my family.  See that exchange here.

Threats of suits or the actual filing of a suit in an attempt to abridge the public's First Amendment rights by any government official should in my opinion should result in said official being promptly terminated. 

This is known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, commonly referred to as a SLAPP.  This sort of abuse of the legal system has resulted in nearly half the states passing legislation to expedite dismissal of SLAPPs.  Want to learn about Anti-SLAPP legislation in Michigan?  Click Here

Readers are welcome to send QSN comments which we will anonymously post to protect you from SLAPP happy Fay Latture.

Public Comments about Fay Latture, pro and con.   


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