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Litigation threats
by rjriley, 1/7/04 19:15 ET

The only reason to threaten to sue as opposed to simply bringing the suit is to scare people into silence.

A teacher at Lake Fenton tried this with me and ended up having all her threats published. She then sued and lost. And she was not a Superintendent. There is a fairly high standard of proof required for people in public positions. "Plaintiff bears the burden of showing Defendant made the statements with actual malice, and such showing must be made by clear and convincing evidence. See Ireland, supra."

Those who are interested can read about this case on www.QualitySchoolsNow.org/hatfield.

== Reply ==

Who cares
by tampabbay4, 1/7/04 19:58 ET
Re: Litigation threats by rjriley, 1/7/04

I heard that you're an aids infested PUTZ, that looks for trouble. Knowck this off, before you or a loved one gets hurt.

Editorial Note: An anonymous poster claims the above post was made by someone in Jackson, Mi and not by someone in Clio.  There is no way to verify this.

== Another threat ==

All good points
by actos, 1/10/04 13:10 ET
Re: Riley= Fruitcake by fromhicktown, 1/10/04
if he had done that to a relative of mine... lets just say it would not have gone to court. His type only understands physical things-his knees would have been busted. I am contacting this woman and others-he needs to be put in his place, by any means neccessary

== Commentary ==

There are numerous admitted teachers on the forum who launch barrages of personal attacks in an attempt to move the discussion from the issue of public officials using threats of litigation or actual litigation to discourage the public from exercising their First Amendment rights.  So far only two teachers have shown any inclination to discuss the problems we have in the public school system.

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