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On 8-31-2001, after receipt of a vague and threatening letter from an attorney representing Lori Hatfield, the Lori Hatfield's Litigation Folly page is now being expanded.  The expansion into a Mini-Section  was necessary to accommodate all the new material generated by the threat of, and then by the actual lawsuit.

The reality is that the lawsuit effectively short circuited First Amendment rights for nearly two years.

Also, I want everyone to understand that the problem is not just one specific teacher, but rather a culture in Lake Fenton and apparently in other schools of indifference, arrogance, and entitlement.  This specific case is a symptom of a much larger problem.  

I hope to see the problems addressed legislatively.  Anti-SLAPP legislation and other legislation to bring more accountability to our public schools.  See QSN's Legislative Page.  At this time QualitySchoolsNow is only working on legislation in Michigan but we would be happy to collaborate with those with similar interests in other states.

The Sin, dated Tuesday March 31, 1998 This is the only document which was on the site specifically about this issue until the litigation threat was received.

Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, a SLAPP

Riley Responds To Sharpe's Flint Journal Comments

Hatfield Rattles A Saber, Attorney Richard H. Ebbott demands retraction.

Riley Replies To Ebbott

Is The Hatfield Lawsuit A SLAPP Suit?

Case Summarily Dismissed

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