Lake Fenton Schools, Genesee County Michigan
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Committee for taxpayer justice

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Lake Fenton

School Taxpayers


On March 12, the Lake Fenton Schools are again pushing for a bond vote approval for what we believe is an unnecessary new high school and other so called improvements.

Well, we voted on and passed a sinking fund that many believed would alleviate the need for any future bond efforts.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. So it is upon us again. The Lake Fenton School should be made to operate within their budget and stop wasting money.

Also, you taxpayers who are inclined to vote “Yes” on the bond issue should realize that approximately $500 a year (based on average value of Fenton township home), or more hike in your property taxes for about 20 years, would be better invested in a bank. Also this tax will continue to increase with the taxable value of your home.

The money accumulated could cover college costs for your kids and then some.

Think about it and go out on March 12 and vote “No"!

Place the date on your calendar and/or display this flyer in a prominent place. If you folks are out of the state 
on March 12, get your absentee ballots as soon as possible. March 9 is the cut off date. It takes a while by mail, so hurry. Your friends and relatives can help you.

The address and telephone number is as follows:

Lake Fenton High School superintendents office
11425 Torrey Road
Fenton, MI 48430
810-591-1004 or

Call and/or write to this office to assure receiving your absentee ballots on time. Do it as soon as possible. 
We do not need a new school. Let them add another story to the existing school if ever it needs one. 
Didn’t Abraham Lincoln go to a log cabin school?


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Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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