Lake Fenton Schools, Genesee County Michigan
A Parent Speaks Out,

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Forward: by Ronald J. Riley

I most certainly understand why this parent does not want to be identified.  Both my children were victimized by the less reputable elements of the Lake Fenton School District.  Like this parent, I found that trying to improve Lake Fenton schools from the within the system was an exercise in futility.

Lake Fenton administrators often said the right things, but also generally failed to make the right things happen.  And the Lake Fenton school board would not even respond to my letters.  Three weeks after I sent the second letter I called the president of Lake Fenton's school board, John Sharpe.  Reducing what he said to it's essence - my letter was too long, so he had not bothered to read it.  After reading the parent's comments, follow the links below for a revealing glimpse into John Sharpe's mentality:

1) WNEM5, Flint/Saginaw August 2, 2001 Man Cyber Rates Schools With New Web Site
2) Flint Journal's July 30, 2001 
3) Riley Responds To Sharpe's Flint Journal Comments
4) Jock Supporter Susan Revill Writes 
5) A Parent Comments, But Needs To Protect Their Children From LF Staff Wrath

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Comments below in red are by Ronald J. Riley

Black are by parent of Lake Fenton students

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<<You might want to take a look at the web site again.  Also, did you read the
publication policy?  My point is was this note meant to be posted on the

I don't have a problem if this is posted as long as my name is not attached
to it. I am very protective of my children for obvious reasons. Best Regards

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Mr. Riley,
It is a pleasure to finally meet someone that has had the same frustration as I with Lake Fenton Schools.  The administration and school board are nothing short of patronizing to the parents of our community. In fact I was at a special meeting last year where Kramer actually referred to Bill Spady as "the best".  This makes me sick to my stomach. For a long time I was disturbed that there was not very much outrage by the parents but realized a couple of years ago that parents are only protecting their kids.  I strongly agree that children of outraged parents do indeed get "special treatment".  Our school system has gone right down the toilet over the last several years and it all started with OBE.  Coaster and Laskey and the rest of the Liberal gang have also pushed this ABCI garbage with one and only one goal.  They wanted to remove letter grades entirely and ABCI is just a stepping stone.  Their arrogance got them in trouble by dumping this on the teachers with absolutely no model to follow. What a joke!  I have written letters to the school board and administration in the past with no response what so ever.  I now send them anonymously to protect my kids from persecution because I won't stop until these Socialists are sent back home to mamma. Your website has encouraged me to keep fighting.  I would like to keep this email
confidential to protect my kids.

Best Regards,
Name Deleted


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