Michigan Anti-SLAPP Legislation
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Join the legislative effort, email legisation@QualitySchoolsNow.org or call (810) 655-8830. 

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Sponsors Of Failed Anti-SLAPP 1997-2002

The sponsors of the previous legislation are likely candidates for new legislation:

Compilation Of Past Michigan Anti-SLAPP Legislation

Two Michigan Former House Members Anti-SLAPP Now In Senate:

Brater, Liz Ann Arbor 18 Democrat 373-2406 373-5679 510 Farnum Building

Jacobs, Gilda Z. Huntington Woods 14 Democrat 373-7888 373-2983 1015 Farnum Building


Former Michigan Anti-SLAPP Co-Sponsors Still in House:

018 Anderson Glenn     D 517-373-2576 glennanderson@house.mi.gov

020 Stewart John             R 517-373-3816 johnstewart@house.mi.gov

026 Woodward David   D 517-373-3818 dwoodward@house.mi.gov

031 Gieleghem Paul       D 517-373-0159 pgieleghem@house.mi.gov
033 Drolet Leon            R 517-373-0820l drolet@house.mi.gov

039 Shulman Marc        R 517-373-1799 mshulman@house.mi.gov

053 Kolb Chris             D 517-373-2577 chriskolb@house.mi.gov

086 Koetje James          R 517-373-0846 jkoetje@house.mi.gov

105 Bradstreet Kenneth R 517-373-0829 kbradstreet@house.mi.gov


Michigan Anti-SLAPP Co-Sponsors No Longer In Office:






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