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All letters submitted to QualitySchoolsNow.org or any of it's directors or volunteers become the property of QualitySchoolsNow.org and are subject to publication with attribution to the author unless the letter specifically states it is confidential.  

We receive from 100 to 300 emails each weekday and often in excess of a hundred per day on weekends. If you wish a letter to be treated as confidential then please clearly state so at the beginning and end of the letter.  Also state "CONFIDENTIAL" in the subject line.

Anonymous Posts:  

In general I think that people who wish to criticize school staff should be willing to be associated with such criticism.  So the burden of convincing me that you should be able to make such posts fall on you.   But, if you wish to offer more general criticism which is based on issues or perhaps a whole grade, then I am will generally be willing to allow you to comment anonymously.

Also, in light of personal experience and many reports from other parents that school staff will take out their anger on children we recognize that those people who have children in a school need to remain anonymous.

Please make the confidential statement on each communication, do not assume that we will remember the request from a previous communication.

Email us at: comments@QualitySchoolsNow.org


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